Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sugar Art

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Edible Images Printing Services

My Dearest fellow cake baker-decorater , this blog is created for our latest project ( me & my new business partner, aka, DH :-), which is  Edible Images printing. DH would be in charge of this, while me myself would concentrate on my cupcakes and cakes order.

Well, the main reason why I embarked on this was because I am sick of running here and there looking for edible images for my cupcakes, from the only shop around here, which (well, there are 2 other branches of this shop in KK, to be exact) sells ready printed edible images.

They are so many ways in which edible images could be used. Apart from the conventional way (place directly on the cake/cupcakes), it could also be used as standing images, decorative motifs on fondant cakes, cookies and many more.

At this moment, we are still compiling the images (ready-to-print) which we intend to feature in our blog. Once it is completed, I would post it here. Meanwhile, you could  email us the images which you would like to be printed. For any inquiries, please forward it to